Mission and Objectives

The Mission of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering is to provide qualified students with a relevant education in Materials Science and Engineering preparing them for a productive and rewarding career. While this mission is consistent with the overall mission of the University and the School of Engineering, the Department focuses on providing an education that is both learning and practice oriented. With its high faculty-to-student ratio, the Department provides unique course options, extensive laboratory experiences, along with research and Co-Op internships that have adapted to the changing requirement of employers and graduate schools. 

Through continuous feedback from students, alumni, and employers the Department maintains an up-to-date curriculum that emphasizes basic science, engineering, and design. Moreover, the curriculum provides flexibility and diversity in allowing students to select areas of concentration that are in the forefront of technology today.

Program Educational Objectives

Within the scope of the MSE mission, the objectives of the Materials Science and Engineering Program are to produce graduates with an education relevant to current science and engineering and an education that will lead to a productive and rewarding career.

 Graduates of the program are expected within a few years of graduation to have:

  1. Used their engineering skills, enhanced through the onset of life-long learning, to apply innovative solutions to assist in solving critical engineering problems to provide economic, ethical, environmental, and societal value.
  2. Worked individually or with teams of professionals to provide innovative concepts and technologies that address the scientific or engineering needs of academia, industry, commerce, and society.
  3. Demonstrated a track record of professional leadership characterized by scientific or engineering accomplishments and productivity in one or more of the broad industries for which Materials Science and Engineering is the enabling foundation.