Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Is there a minimum GPA for admission?

Yes, the graduate school requires that you must have a GPA>3.0 to be admitted as a matriculated (degree studying) student. Ideally we like students to have a GPA>3.2, however we will consider all applicants irrespective of their GPA.

What if my GPA is less than 3.0 can I still be admitted?

You cannot be a matriculated (degree studying) student, however US citizens and permanent residents can be admitted as non-matriculated. This allows the student to take a small number of classes (typically up to 12 credits). If the student does well in these classes they can seek to become a matriculated student.

Is there a minimum TOEFL/IELTS for admission?

We follow Rutgers Graduate Admissions guidelines for minimum requirements in all English proficiency tests: Admitted international students may be required to take additional English courses with Rutgers PALS in their first year:

Do I need to take GREs to be admitted?

Yes, unless you are an undergraduate applying for the BS-MS degree. We look at GRE scores in making admission decisions (especially the quantitative score). There is no minimum score required.

Current Students

How much is tuition?

This changes each year, see the Student Accounting, Billing, and Cashier Services website for the latest figures:

What classes do I take?

There are core classes that all students take and electives that can be picked. See the sections on: Requirements for MS and PhD and Graduate Courses

Can I take classes outside the MSE graduate program?

Yes, many students take a small number of classes in other programs or advanced undergraduate classes or they transfer in credits from classes taken at other institutions.

Is there any funding or fellowships available for PhD students?

Yes, for PhD students there is usually funding available through graduate assistantships, teaching assistantships or fellowships. We always work with PhD students to find funding for them.

Is there any funding or fellowships available for MS students?

Most MS students are either self-funded or bring funding with them (for instance from industry or a Government Lab where they work). Occasionally there is funding available for MS students via graduate assistantships, but this is rare and you should not count on receiving financial support.

How do international students get the appropriate visa?

The Graduate School, MSE Graduate Program and Rutgers Global - International Student & Scholar Services work with admitted students to ensure they receive the appropriate visa. Visa processing can be lengthy so students should apply early to ensure there is enough time.