Faculty Patents

The MSE faculty is, and always has been, a higly innovative group.  The current faculty has well over 200 patents, some of which are fully commercialized and generating revenue for the University.  Historically, our faculty have been the inventors of key technologies ranging from the strengthening of glass to the development of advanced lasers for optical and medical applications.  Below are selected patents, on display by the staircase in our lobby, that represent some of these inventions.


Faculty Inventor                    


Patent Number



Manish Chhowalla

E. Koray Akdoğan

2021 10,989,177 Metallic Molybdenum Disulfide Nanosheet-based Electrochemical Actuator

Thomas Tsakalakos

E. Koray Akdoğan

2018        9,884,788 Method for producing low porosity nonoxide ceramics 
Manish Chhowalla 2016 9,339,790 Chemically modified graphene
Glenn G. Amatucci 2016 9,331,357 Electrochemically self-assembled batteries
Deirdre M. O'Carroll 2016 9,263,689 Organic optoelectronic devices incorporating plasmonic electrodes
Ashutosh Goel 2016 9,238,044  Alkali-free bioactive glass composition
2010-2015               Richard E. Riman 2014 8,721,784 Systems and methods for capture and sequestration of gases and compositions derived therefrom
Thomas J. Nosker 2013 8,497,324 Methods of increasing toughness of immiscible polymer blends
Dunbar P. Birnie, III 2013 8,481,906 Tilting/tracking system for solar devices
Richard E. Riman 2012 8,313,802 Method of hydrothermal liquid phase sintering of ceramic materials and products derived therefrom 
Lisa C. Klein 2010 7,790,221 Sol-gel fabrication of thin-film electrolyte in an oxygen generator 
2001-2009 Glenn G. Amatucci 2009 7,625,671 Transition metal fluoride: carbon nanoamalgam rechargeable battery cell electrode material
Bernard H. Kear 2008 7,407,604 Nanostructured RE-doped SiO2-based fluorescent materials and methods for production of same
Thomas Nosker 2006 7,011,253 Engineered railroad ties
Jun John Xu 2002 6,465,129 Improved lithium batteries with new manganese oxide materials as lithium intercalation host
Glenn G. Amatucci 2001 6,252,762  Rechargeable hybrid battery/supercapacitor system
Thomas Nosker 2001 6,191,228  Use of recycled plastics for preparing high performance composite railroad ties
Adrian B. Mann 2001 6,171,467 Electrochemical control of abrasive polishing and machining rates
1997-2000 Richard L. Lehman 2000 6,127,005 Method of thermally glazing an article
William E. Mayo 2000 6,118,500 Analysis methods for energy dispersive x-ray diffraction patterns
Richard L. Lehman 2000 6,097,144 Cathode ray tubes having reduced glass browning properties
Ahmad Safari 1999 6,004,500 Methods for producing novel ceramic composites 
Bernard H. Kear 1999 5,876,683 Combustion flame synthesis of nanophase materials 
Stephen C. Danforth 1998 5,824,250 Gel cast molding with fugitive molds
James A. Harrington 1998 5,815,627 Co-axial hollow core waveguide
1976-1996 James A. Harrington 1996 5,567,471 Coherent, flexible, coated-bore hollow-fiber waveguide, and method of making same
Lisa C. Klein 1995 5,404,244 Electrochromic structures and methods
M. John Matthewson 1993 5,214,734 Optical fiber with improved moisture resistance
Ahmad Safari 1992 5,108,981 Flexible superconducting ceramic polymer composites and method of making same
George H. Sigel 1986 4,630,883 Optical waveguide apparatus and method for manufacturing
W. Roger Cannon 1985 4,515,634 Castable glass-ceramic composition useful as dental restorative
Ahmad Safari 1983 4,422,003 Perforated PZT-Polymer composites with 3-1 and 3-2 connectivity for piezoelectric transducer applications.
Daniel J. Shanefield 1983 4,402,998 Method for providing an adherent electroless metal coating on an epoxy surface
1939-1975 Edwin Ruh 1969 3,438,616 Kiln with Conveyor Mechanism
Elias Snitzer 1964 3,157,726 Optical energy transmitting devices and method of making same
James D. Idol, Jr. 1959 2,904,580 Process for the manufacture of acrylonitrile
Robert B. Sosman 1950 2,494,415 Open Hearth Furnace and Method for Operating Same
Robert B. Sosman 1945 2,366,285 Surface Temperature Pyrometer
Charles John Phillips 1939 2,145,128 Method of tempering glass articles