John Matthewson


Materials Science and Engineering

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Professor Matthewson's teaching responsibilities during the 2023-2024 academic year are:

Spring 2024:

  • STRENGTH OF MAT, 14:635:314
  • RESEARCH MATERIALS, 16:635:702

Fall 2023:      

  • RESEARCH MATERIALS, 16:635:701                  


Ph.D., Physics, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK,1978

M.A., Physics, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK,1979

B.A. Honors, Natural Sciences (Theoretical Physics), University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK,1975 

Selected Publications

  • M. A. Rossi, M. J. Matthewson, A. Kaza, D. Niesz & R. A. Haber (2010) “Modeling of gas-phase transport and composition evolution during the initial-stage sintering of boron carbide with carbon additions” J. Am. Ceram. Soc. 93 [11] 3691–3699.
  • J. B. Wachtman, W. R. Cannon & M. J. Matthewson, (2009) Mechanical Properties of Ceramics, 2nd Edition, Wiley, New York.   
  • A. Kaza, M. J. Matthewson, D. E. Niesz, R. L. Haber & M. A. Rossi (2009) “A Model of Gas Phase Transport During the Initial Stages of Sintering of Silicon Carbide” J. Am. Ceram. Soc.92 [11] 2517–2527.
  • S. M. Budy, T. Hawkins, P. Foy, M. J. Matthewson, D. W. Smith Jr., & J. Ballato (2009) “Thermal and Mechanical Analysis of Cross-linked Optical Fiber Coatings” J. Lightwave Tech., 27 [24] 5626-30.
  • J. Ballato, T. Hawkins, P. Foy, B. Kokuoz, C. McMillen, Z. Shu, T. Tritt, M. Dubinskii & M. J. Matthewson (2009) “On the fabrication of Er-doped YAG optical fiber” J. Appl. Phys.105, 053310.1-9.
  • C. R. Kurkjian, M. J. Matthewson, (2007) “Mechanical strength and reliability of glass fibers” in “Specialty optical fibers handbook” editors by A. Méndez and T. F. Morse, pp.735-781, Elsevier Academic Press, Burlington, MA, USA.
  • Y.-S. Shiue, M. J. Matthewson, P. R. Stupak, V. V. Rondinella (2006) “Effects of silica nanoparticle addition to the secondary coating of dual-coated optical fibers” Acta Materialia54 [4] 2631–2636.
  • J. L. Mrotek, M. J. Matthewson & C. R. Kurkjian (2003) “Diffusion of moisture through fatigue- and aging-resistant polymer coatings on lightguide fibers” J. Lightwave Tech21 [8] 1775-1778.
  • M. J. Matthewson (2006) “Strength-Probability-Time diagrams using power law and exponential kinetics models for fatigue” Proc. SPIE6193 pp. 619301:1-11.