Grad Seminar :Dr. Hong Li, Nippon Electric Glass, Continuous Reinforcement Fiber Glass – Application, Processing, and Science

November 15, 2022

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Continuous Reinforcement Fiber Glass – application,

processing, and science


Tuesday, November 15, 2022, 12:10pm – 1:30pm EST

In Person  |  CCR-201 (McLaren Center for Ceramic Research)

Online  |  Zoom: 

Meeting ID: 952 8606 2826; Password: MSE


Dr. Hong Li

Senior Scientist

Nippon Electric Glass (USA)



Light-weight glass-fiber-reinforced composites have gained a broad, global acceptance in commercial markets, totaling over 8 billion US dollars in revenue since their first commercial production in the US in the mid-1930s. Fiber glass development covers multi-dimensional spaces, i.e., chemistry and network structure at macro- (bulk glass), micro- (fiber glass), and submicron or nanometer scales, including fiber surfaces. Solutions addressing the needs in production and new products cannot be obtained without a deep understanding of the fundamental science behind each specific area. This seminar will briefly cover market applications, glass fiber manufacturing processes, and selective examples highlighting how scientific understanding of the problems has led to the solution findings. Preliminary thoughts on the high-performance glass fiber development and the associated processing challenges are discussed.


Dr. Hong Li is a Senior Scientist at Nippon Electric Glass (NEG, USA). He has more than 20  years of combined experiences in fiber glass R&D with PPG Industries (USA) and NEG (USA),  plus various leading research roles in the vitrification of high-level radioactive wastes (Pacific  Northwest National Laboratory, USA) and high-performance laser glass (SCHOTT, USA) Dr.  Li is Fellow of the American Ceramic Society (ACerS) and the recipient of lifetime membership of PPG Collegium, the highest PPG professional award. He was a chair of GOMD (ACerS)  and council member (2010-2021) of International Commission on Glass (ICG). Dr. Li has more  than 100 patents and patent applications worldwide and authored/co-authored more than 100  scientific publications. Recently Dr. Li has served as an editor-in-chief of “Fiberglass Science  and Technology: Chemistry, Processing, Characterization, Applications and Sustainability,”  (Springer, 2021) and chief translator of the English version of “Development History of Ancient  Chinese Glass Technology,” by Fuxi Gan (World Scientific, 2021). Currently Dr. Li serves as  a vice chair of TC 28 (fiberglass) under ICG.

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Phone: 848-445-1651 


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