Books by Faculty

The Materials Science and Engineering faculty have been, over the years, highly prolific in publishing many types of scholarly documents, from refereed journal articles to patents and outreach documents.  And, of course, there have been many chapters in books, too many to list here.  

The ultimate undertaking of authorship is to write or even edit a complete book.  Here is a list of some of the books published by our faculty over the years.

  1. R.B. Sosman, The Properties of Silica, Chemical Catalog Co., Inc., NY, 856 pp, 1927.

  2. C.J. Phillips, Glass, The Miracle Maker, Pitman Pub. Corp., NY, 429 pp, 1948.

  3. C.J. Phillips, Glass: Its Industrial Applications, Reinhold Pub. Corp., NY, 252 pp, 1960.

  4. R.B. Sosman, The Phases of Silica, Rutgers University Press, New Brunswick, 388 pp, 1965.

  5. C.W. Parmelee, Ceramic Glazes, Cahners Books, Boston, 612 pp, 3rd ed 1973.

  6. John B. Wachtman, Characterization of Materials, Butterworth, NY, 1992.

  7. Richard L. Lehman, Electric Melting in the Glass Industry, Edited and with Authored Chapter

  8. Introductions, Ashlee Publishing, New York, NY, 384 pages, 1993.

  9. Richard L. Lehman, Said K. El-Rahaiby, and John B. Wachtman, Jr., editors, Handbook on Continuous Fiber Ceramic Composites, Ceramics Information Analysis Center, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN  47906-1398, 600 pages, 1995.

  10. R.A. McCauley, Corrosion of Ceramics, Marcel-Dekker, NY, 304 pp, 1995.

  11. D.J. Shanefield, Organic Additives and Ceramic Processing, Kluwer Academic Pub, Boston, 311 pp, 1995.

  12. D.J. Shanefield, Organic Additives and Ceramic Processing, Kluwer Academic Pub, Boston, Second Edition, 335 pp., 1996.

  13. Richard L. Lehman and Yuya Umezu, ed., Environmental Technologies for Glass, A Guide to Green Manufacturing, Ashlee Publishing, 18 E. 41st Street, New York, NY, 1996.

  14. John B. Wachtman, Mechanical Properties of Ceramics, Cambridge Univ. Press, 1997.

  15. Dunbar P. Birnie III, PHYSICAL CERAMICS: Principles for Ceramic Science and Engineering, by Y.-M. Chiang, D. P. Birnie III, and W. D. Kingery, John Wiley and Sons, NY, 1997.

  16. Richard L. Lehman, Introduction to Computing for Engineers, Fortran and Its Application in Engineering, Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company, Dubuque, Iowa, ISBN 0-7872-7402-X, 2000.

  17. D.J. Shanefield, Industrial Electronics for Engineers, Chemists, and Technicians, William Andrew Publishing, NY, 316 pp, 2001.

  18. R.A. McCauley, Corrosion of Ceramics, Chinese translation by Gao Nan, Metallurgical Industry Press, Beijing, China, 2003.

  19. R.A. McCauley, Corrosion of Ceramic and Composite Materials, Marcel-Dekker, NY, Second Edition, 405 pp, 2004.

  20. J. A. Harrington, Infrared Fibers and Their Applications, SPIE, 312 pp., 2004.

  21. A. Safari, E. K. Akdogan (Eds.), Piezoelectric and Acoustic Materials for Transducer Applications, Springer, New York, pp. 48, 2008.

  22. John B. Wachtman, W. Roger Cannon and M. John Matthewson, Mechanical Properties of Ceramics, 2nd Edition, Wiley, 496pp, 2009.